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SuperNav 1.0

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SuperNav 1.0


Do you have any FileMaker Pro files that could use better navigation support? Ever want a comprehensive Back button that supports navigation history? Would you like Buttons on every layout that are consistent in their behavior and easy to configure using easy to enter data rather than time-consuming script modifications? Sure you have! The only problem was these features have always been time-consuming and expensive to build and debug.


Using SuperNav you can create both simple and complex Navigation systems that are data driven, easy to implement, and easy to maintain. SuperNav incorporates a complete forward/back button navigation scheme that enables you to add web browser like ease of use to your projects. SuperNav makes it as easy to bolt-on "point and click" navigation to legacy solutions as it is to use with new projects.


The SuperNav plug-in and SuperNav Studio files provide browser type navigation between files and and layouts. The navigation code in the SuperNav Studio files can be used "as is" by the developer. New or legacy solutions benefit by a shorter development time, more screen real estate and a better user experience.

  • Browser-like Forward/Back buttons

  • Short development time

  • Better user experience

  • Better use of screen real-estate

  • Much lower cost than build-from-scratch solutions

  • Data Driven Navigation (easy to modify/maintain)

  • Well documented examples, help files, and example scripts can be used "as-is" by Developers.

  • Generous Developer licensing arrangements

SuperNav Overview

To learn more, check out our free demo!

How To Use SuperNav

New Solutions: Copy one or more of the SuperNav Studio files for fully implemented browser type navigation. Then add fields, scripts, etc. for other required custom functions.

Legacy Solutions: Add the SuperNav fields, scripts and relationships to quickly obtain browser type navigation. SuperNav technology uses data instead of code for navigation.

SuperNav implements browser type navigation using three ingredients:

  • SuperNav Studio: A set of FileMaker Pro files that manage navigation requests

  • SuperNav plug-in: a new plug-in that helps configure and execute SuperNav requests

  • Fully Documented Methodology

Want to learn more? Download the SuperNav Plug-In User Guide here.

Or better yet, download the free Win SuperNav Plug-In Demo Version here

Or download the free Mac SuperNav Plug-In Demo Version here

Take The SuperNav Studio Tour here


System requirements

SuperNav runs on Mac OS version 9.1 through Mac OS 9.2.2, Mac OS X 10.X or later, Windows OS Win2K and XP.

What are the costs?

Below is Developer license pricing:

For open (unlimited) distribution.
For applications sold over the Internet openly.

SuperNav Studio 1.0 Windows 2K & XP

$ 299.00 USD

SuperNav Studio 1.0 Macintosh 9 & X

$ 299.00 USD

SuperNav Studio 1.0 Cross Platform Win/Mac OS 9 & X

$ 449.00 USD

SuperNav Plug-In Demo: Cross Platform Win/Mac OS 9 & X (30 Day Trial)


Order licenses via the Datamatic or FMP Solutions web site. Buy-It Online Here.

Try SuperNav before you buy

You are invited to test SuperNav before you pay, as the demo is fully functional. The only limitation is that the demo plug-in has a 30 day limit. If you want to continue past that time you need to purchase a license.

SuperNav Studio Download (SOON)

The SuperNav plug-in and the fully commented SuperNav Studio files provide browser type navigation between files and and layouts.

Macintosh Package
SuperNav Studio.sit

Windows Package

 SuperNav was created as a joint project by Datamatic Software and Model Masters.

Last Updated:February 2nd, 2004